About Us

Highlight the size of our building and crane

For the past century, Republic Industries International Incorporated has provided unique and customized solutions for a wide range of applications, in addition to typical repair-and-replace solutions. Republic is proud to have partnered списки в Python with high profile organizations such as NASA and the Corp of Engineers, along with having developed a sophisticated, patented solution for customers in the highwall mining business.

We have developed a highly successful manufacturing operation that has four basic components:

With a century of experience, and many of our employees having worked for us for over a decade, we maintain an expertise that translates into more uptime for you. When OEMs are no longer willing or unable to fix your parts or improve on their design, Republic can help. Our engineering department will work with yours to provide a solution that will work for your specific application.

You can learn more about our equipment here.

Our physical plant sits on a 7.5-acre site in Louisville, Kentucky and is equipped with 50-ton overhead cranes with approximately 60 feet under the hook. Handling large pieces is not a problem.

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