Republic Industries International

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    Highwall Mining Division

    Highwall mining is one of the most efficient and effective technologies for extracting coal in today's mining industry. Because this is a highly productive and profitable technique, it is critical to keep equipment operating without costly downtime.

  • Industrial

    Industrial Division

    Republic Industries International's Industrial Division services industries such as forging, steel mills and the Corps of Engineers.

  • Surface Mining

    Surface Mining Division

    When the parts that keep your surface mining business running break, Republic Industries International doesn't just treat the obvious problem. Our engineering specialists look beyond the obvious to identify other potential problems that could cause future breakage and costly equipment downtime.

For the past century, Republic Industries International has provided high quality, cost-effective metals reclamation services, component parts repair, remanufacturing, and parts exchange programs for heavy equipment used in construction, quarrying, mining and industry. In summary, if you have a large part that requires engineering, welding, stress relieving and machining, Republic is a good fit. With a century of experience under our belt, and many of our employees having worked for us for over a decade, we have developed an expertise that can't be matched. To learn more, click here.