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Highwall Mining Division

Highwall Mining

Highwall mining is one of the most efficient and effective technologies for extracting coal in today's mining industry. Because this is a highly productive and profitable mining technique, it is critical to keep equipment operating without costly downtime.

To help keep your Highwall Mining Machine producing efficiently, Republic Industries International offers the MaxPro® Bearing System. This system not only provides maximum auger support bearing service life, but it also protects against damage to other auger component parts due to catastrophic support bearing or drive nose failure.

Eliminating unplanned downtime caused by auger component parts failure can result in millions of dollars worth of increased production. Learn how this can be done at your operation by contacting a Republic MaxPro® representative.

Also, learn more about how Republic Industries International can service these parts:

  • Auger support bearings
  • Auger noses
  • Auger remanufacturing
  • Power head drive auger
  • Cutter head
  • Belly chain idler and driveshafts