Machining Photo

Republic Industries International has a well-trained and experienced machining shop. The department supervisor, who works closely with our engineers, has been promoted from within so you can be certain he has the experience of working on unique and repeat applications. With this solidified relationship, you know your part will be made right the first time.

Spindle Being Machined

Republic Industries is in the top ten percent of privately-owned US machine shops. We are equipped to produce tight-toleranced parts on our CNC machinery or the largest of unique one-time repairs. Our largest lathe swings 78 inches over the bed, is capable of an 88,000-pound load, and has 396 inches between centers. Our large horizontal boring mill has 36 feet of horizontal, 12 feet of vertical and 7 feet of cross travel. Plus it can handle a 120,000-pound load on its 11-by-11-foot rotary table. For more details on our equipment, please visit Our Equipment page.