Our Equipment


  • Republic Vertical Continuous Hole Welder
    2- to 48-inch ID weld capacity
    12-foot length capacity
    24-inch stroke
    360-degree column rotation
  • Boretech Portable Continuous Hole Welder
    1- to 27-inch ID weld capacity
    57-inch extended reach
    12-inch stroke
  • Fanuc Arcmate Robotic Welder
    6-axis arm
    Water-cooled torch
    48-inch diameter by 300-degree rotation
  • Praxair Metal Spraying System
    Dual-wire-feed spray gun
  • Republic Twin Head Submerged Arc Weld Build Up System
    24-inch OD diameter capacity
    13-foot bed length

There are also numerous welder banks, heat tables, preheat boxes, weld positioners, Arcair arc gouging stations, plasma cutters, etc.


  • Innocenti NC Floor Type, Ram Style Horizontal Boring Mill
    11-by-11-foot power infeeding rotary table with 120,000-pound capacity
    8-inch spindle
    Machine travel – 36-foot horizontal, 12-foot vertical, 7-foot cross
    Rotary milling and single-point turning capabilities
  • Kuraki CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill
    48-by-120-inch table with 5-by-6-foot rotary table
    30,000-pound capacity
    5-inch spindle
  • Lucas CNC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill
    60-by-110-inch table with 4-by-6-foot rotary table
    30,000-pound capacity
    5-inch spindle
  • Lucas NC Table Type Horizontal Boring Mill
    48-by-122-inch table
    20,000-pound capacity
    5-inch spindle
  • Mitsubishi CNC Vertical Machining Center
    78-by-157-inch table
    30-tool ATC
    55,000-pound capacity
    4-inch spindle
    78-inch column height, 5 face machining capacity

There are also 3 additional Bridgeport CNC Machining Centers and 1 King Vertical Boring Mill with a 52-inch table.

  • Poreba Heavy Duty Engine Lathe
    33-foot bed length
    78-inch swing over bed
    66-inch swing over saddle
    88,000-pound load capacity
  • LeBlond Gap Bed Lathe
    192-to-336-inch bed length
    36-inch swing diameter
    6,000-pound load capacity
  • Mazak CNC 4 Axis Flat Bed Lathe
    122 inches between centers
    30-inch swing diameter
    6,000-pound load capacity
  • Landis Cylindrical Grinder
    102 inches between centers
    24-inch maximum grinding diameter
    5,000-pound capacity
  • Toyoda Cylindrical Grinder
    98 inches between centers
    17-inch maximum grinding diameter
    2,600-pound capacity
  • Republic Horizontal Hone with Oil Chiller
    15-inch diameter by 22-foot capacity
    Can flip piece and hone additional length

There are also 8 additional Manual Lathes with swing capacities from 16 to 27 inches.

Assembly and Disassembly

  • Chambersburg 600-Ton Horizontal Wheel Press
    13-inch ram
    32-inch stroke
  • Nugier 200-Ton Vertical Press
    4-inch ram
    14-inch stroke
  • Clemco Industries Abrasive Blast Room
    20-by-30-by-12 feet
    7-by-15-foot rail car blast base
    teel shot blast medium
  • (2) Salem Brosius Natural Gas Car Bottom Stress Relief Furnaces
    #1 Dimensions – 7-by-13-by-15 feet (height-by-width-by-depth)
    #2 Dimensions – 7-by-13-by-25 feet (height-by-width-by-depth)
    44.4 million BTU, excess air
    1,650-degree maximum
    100,000-pound load capacity
    Connected to OM-550 data logger with 5 thermocouple recording channels

Inspection/Quality Control

  • ROMER Portable CMM Measuring Device
    This is used during the final check for dimensional accuracy and reverse engineering.
    Our Inspection and Q.C. test methods and equipment include:
    • (2) Sperry Wet Magnaflux machines for MPI
    • Numerous hand-held Dry Magnaflux (Powder Type) for MPI
    • Dye Penetrant (LPI)
    • TSI (Test Systems International) Crack Depth Indicator
    • Equotip Portable Digital Hardness Tester
    • Mitutoyo Profilameter Surface Tester
    • Krautkramer Bransen Ultrasonic Testing Machine