Our Checkout Process

Over the past century, Republic Industries International has developed a trusted system for ensuring your parts are repaired quickly and correctly. We also work to make sure your equipment downtime is at a minimum by having many of our mining parts available for immediate exchange.

Republic utilizes an electronic scheduling system with built-in checks and balances to make sure that your parts are produced efficiently. This system also ensures that your parts follow our engineering department’s precise instructions from start to finish, since we use documented written processes each and every time.

Preparation for Inspection

  • Receive part and start the paperwork that routes the job initially
  • Match control drawings to the part
  • Steam clean and sandblast as necessary

Incoming Inspection

  • Perform an inspection to determine defects
  • Check the physical appearance and dimensions to OEM specifications and note discrepancies to control drawings
  • Record inspection results
  • Route the job with control drawings to the Production Engineer for cost estimate

Sales Department Estimate

  • Submit cost estimate to customer for approval
  • Upon approval, begin the remanufacturing process

Remanufacturing Process

Final Inspection and Assembly

  • Move final product to Quality Control
  • Check against the control drawings to assure compliance with OEM/customer dimensions
  • Ship final product to customer with a performance guarantee that exceeds OEM warranty for new or remanufactured parts when applicable