Bolster Repair

Republic Industries International has extensive experience and knowledge in weld repair of tool and high alloy steels used to manufacture bolster components. Our car bottom stress relieving furnaces give us precise control of preheating and post-weld thermal stress relieving.

Bolster Manufacturing

At Republic Industries we use SolidWorks to make 3D models of all new bolster components. This allows us to verify fit and function on the computer prior to making parts in steel. Our knowledgeable engineering staff will work with you to help obtain the most effective and efficient design for your new bolster.

Press Component Repair

Republic Industries repairs and upgrades most components for any make of forging press. We can repair and/or upgrade your rams, pitmans, main bearings, clutches, brakes, driveshafts and back shafts. Our welders are experienced and hold several certifications. The size of our mills and furnaces make us uniquely qualified to perform this large, heavy work.